LinkedIn 30/30
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30-Minutes a day to becoming a linkedIn sales master
(Even If You Have ZERO Sales or social media Experience and Are Starting From Day 1)
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You would be a fool to miss it! If you want to drive sales on Linkedin you need to know what works. Have a strategy - work LinkedIn the same as you work your business plan.

- Scott Stevenson

Pure gold of strategies you can't find anywhere else.

- Itzik Woda
LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B business owners today. If you're not leveraging this incredible asset for influence and sales, you're missing out on the best low-cost method to grow your business. today.

In case you didn't already notice, LinkedIn is now a "hangout" for B2B professionals, C-Level Executives and other serious business players. This affords anyone with an internet connection the ability to get in front of your target audience, for free, and build reputation, influence and generate inbound leads at no cost- with only minutes a day invested.
  •  Highest organic reach of any social media platform
  • 620 million professionals registered
  •  Most intellectual business oriented platform
  •  Target by industry, job position and title
  •  Completely free
The opportunity presented by LinkedIn today is not likely to last long, and if you miss out you'll feel the same as you do about the big influencers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram today who got in at the beginning when it was easy to grow their influence.
LinkedIn is today what Facebook and SEO were 10 years ago, 
Don't miss capitalizing on this trend!
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Estie Rand is an award-winning business consultant and marketing strategist who helps small business owners earn more money with less headache. Estie believes that every person can build a professional business doing what they love and make buckets of money at the same time. 

  • ​Former CIO of NLE International, founder of Strand Consulting and host of the Business breakthrough podcast, featured on Nasdaq as a top podcast to listen to in 2019.
  • ​Certified professional coach for over 10 years and the winner of Best in LA Business Consultancy 2018.
  • ​ Host of the LinkedIn Influencer Summit 2019
Estie used LinkedIn to take her business to a steady six figures in profit and she is so excited to help you do that too!
What You're Going to Get
The LinkedIn 30/30 system teaches you the exact process you need to leverage LinkedIn for steady sales with only 30 minutes a day for 30-days. It teaches you not only how to get a constant stream of leads, but also gives you the tools you need to turn them into paying clients and customers. We've included everything you need to maximize LinkedIn starting TODAY, even if you are just getting started.
  • LinkedIn Basic Bootcamp: introduction to the platform
  • LinkedIn 30/30 System: full video training
  • LinkedIn 30/30 Written Guide: roadmap
  • ​Ghoster Training: have a VA implement for you
  • BONUS: video captioning training (FAST ACTING BONUS)
ONLY $297

We have included everything you need to leverage LinkedIn, whether you are just getting started or are familiar with it, whether you will be doing it yourself or will be hiring someone else to "ghost" for you... 

So what are you waiting for? 

It doesn't get easier than this....
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this program for newbies or more for those more advanced on LinkedIn?
This program is valuable to both. Beginners can start with the basic bootcamp and others can dive straight into the sales system where we walk you through step by step to start closing deals by the within 30 days.
Q: How does this program get me leads?
The LinkedIn 30/30 program is a strategic guide to utilizing LinkedIn for sales. We teach you how you can leverage the platform with its algorithms and profile setup, as well as get an influx of connections that you then filter for qualified leads.
Q: I really don't have a lot of time to spend on this. Will it still work for me?
Yes! This really only takes 30 minutes a day. If you are really dedicated, and follow the process, you will have hundreds of new connections, as well as new client leads landing in your inbox.
Q: What if I don't even have 30 minutes and someone else runs my LinkedIn?
No problem! Just use our special training on how to hire someone to ghost for you and still make sure your voice is heard.
100% Money Back Guarantee!
I want to make this decision a “no brainer” for you. Try the course, completely risk-free. All I ask is that you do the work for the 30 days of the program. If you don’t see results, email us at and I’ll refund you.
This is a very reasonable guarantee, and I hope you can see why we’re doing it like this. I really believe that LinkedIn is the asnwer for so many people and it is completey free when you use it this way [no need to pay for premium!] It can easily  generate you a steady 4-5 figures each month!
I am so convinced that this will work for you that if it doesn't, I want to hand your money back to you. 
You risk nothing, as long as you give it a try.
Why are we offering the LinkedIn 30/30 Program at such a discount?
We want this program to be accessible to everyone and we don't want price to be a barrier. 
LinkedIn has changed my life, and the lives of many of my clients... and I want it to help you too!
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